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Be A Stunt Driver For A Day

New Zealand's Only Stunt Car Driving Experience!

Introductory Course

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Get fast & furious with this extreme stunt driving experience. Learn how to perform exciting stunt driving techniques, slides and spins just like you’ve seen in the movies.

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Our Courses

Introductory Stunt Driving Experience, $250pp

An action packed 1.15hrs of fun & excitement. Take the wheel as you jump a car “ramp to ramp” 2 metres high in the air. Experience all the slides, spins & near misses as our instructors take you through an amazing thrill ride. 

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Level One Course, $310pp

This course is more advanced than the Introductory Experience: You will jump the car ramp to ramp. Drive pedal to the metal onto our special skid mat & experience all the slides, spins & near misses as our instructors take you through a stunning demonstration of stunt/precision driving. On top of this you will be taught how to do the parallel park at speed, then the reverse parallel park at speed all the time improving your driving skills. After which you get the chance to race off against each other in a specially designed relay course

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Level Three Course, $410pp

With the Level 3 course you get to do everything in the Introductory course plus the Level 1. But now you have the skills to move on, taking yourself to another level again. Combining the skills you learn in the previous levels –You will be shown how to perform the J-Turn/Reverse spin. The moose avoidance technique where you get to test your reflexes & concentration. Jump the car again however control it & put it into a precision parallel park soon as you land.

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Level 4 Course, $490pp

Our most advanced course! With this course you get to do everything in the Introductory, Level 1 & Level 3 courses, plus you get to drive our Roll-Over Car as you – Yes front Flip a car safely. You also will perform 360 to 1440 degree spins, be shown how to control those spins & attempt to drive out & parallel park. Get behind the wheel as you’re shown how to front wheel drift.

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What an awesome and fun experience thanks to Pete and his very capable team of drivers. Drive rush should be on everyone's bucket list, you will do things you may have done illegally or by mistake and consequently being out of control. With these guys they make it fun and in a safe environment along with teaching you confidence and control in any situation. 
Thanks Peter and da boys. 

Heemi Allen

Drive Rush is a Must Do. Really friendly staff and Drivers and what looks like oh my god! is made to feel really safe when you are in control of the car because of the expert Drivers.. These guys are really friendly and I look forward to going for the four hour session later in the year with my son.....Love #Drive Rush #Bucket List

Steven Brown

This is a great experience! I’ve done some racetrack driver training before which is good but doing handbrake parking and j-turns and jumps is a lot of fun especially with a relay race. Nice relaxing environment with some good laughs and a good team feel with events.. I did a Level 4 which is around 4 hours and it felt like 1! 

Carl Grattan

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